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When you are wearing contact lenses, please know carefully about the information in the following.

Don't Touch Contacts with Dirty Hands. Before touching your lenses, make sure to wash your hands fully with soap and water. If touching your contact lenses with dirty hands, you will transfer bacteria to your lenses, which can lead to an infection. Preferably dry your hands with a disposable paper towel rather than a cloth towel, ensuring that no remnants of the towel remain on your fingers.

Don't Expose Your Contacts to Water. Any source of water, whether tap, pool, or lake water, can change the shape of your lenses and cause micro-abrasions on your cornea. In addition, the water may retain bacteria that can wreak havoc on your eye health and cause you to experience temporary vision loss or even permanent blindness. If you must get in the water with your contacts on, make sure to wear waterproof goggles. If you do get water on your contact lenses, dispose of these lenses and insert a new pair. Exposing contact lenses to chemicals like chlorine binds to the lens and cannot be cleaned off. It then leeches onto the cornea and causes irritation.

So you should keep these things in mind. By the way if you are planning to buy yellow contacts lenses, you can visit our web.