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If you are going to transfer the eyeglasses to the contact lenses, you should know how to do the daily care. At first, please wash your hands. Don’t touch your contacts with unclean hands. If you do that, you are transferring dirt and bacteria into your eyes. Before handling your contacts you should: Wash your hands with soap to remove oils, dirt and bacteria. If you transfer these to your contacts, it could cause an eye infection and further hurt maybe. Rinse your hands thoroughly. If you get soap in your contacts it will sting when you put your contacts in. Dry your hands with a clean towel. Tap water hasn’t been sterilized so you don’t want to transfer it to your contacts and then to your eye. Second, Use a sterile, commercially prepared contact solution. This will be sterilized to prevent eye infections and chemically balanced to match the chemistry of your eye. Third, rub the contacts to keep dirt, bacteria and proteins away. Put the contact in the palm of your hand and rinse it with contact solution while using your index finger to rub it. This will remove proteins, bacteria and dust that might have collected on it as you wore it. By the way, we have the clearance contacts lenses for sale in our shop, you can also have a try.