What are the 7 things you need to know about Halloween Lenses?

Halloween, a thrilling night of dress-up and spooky fun, offers a chance to transform into fantastical characters. Halloween contact lenses are a cool addition to costumes, altering our eye appearance and enhancing our overall look. These lenses come in various designs and colors, allowing us to create unique and eye-catching ensembles. Whether you want to look mysterious, spooky, or enchanting, these lenses add magic to your costume, making your Halloween night even more memorable.

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7 things to know about Halloween contacts

1. Do get your eyes checked first.

Getting a prescription from your doctor is the best way to ensure you get Halloween contact lenses that fit right. We know many of you will think, "Who wants to get a prescription only for one night?" and "It's just for a few hours anyway." The thing is, you must know what happens when lenses don't fit well, but if you are going to ignore that, then at least.

2. Remove your lenses at the first sign of bad symptoms.

Watch out for these symptoms if you have decided to use lenses without a prescription.

  • Red eyes
  • Dry/itchy eyes
  • Tiredness/lethargy in the eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Painful eyes when you blink or look around
  • Temporary blockage of vision when the lens shifts while blinking

All of these signs indicate that something is wrong. Whether your eyes lack moisture or oxygen, or worse, the risk of damaged lens is real, and the damage often lasts a lifetime. We do not intend to scare you off wearing them, but like everything in life, you just have to be careful about it, and we hope this blog post will help you be a little smarter regarding your eye care.

3. Buy only from a reputable seller.

Check for reviews when choosing a contact lens brand. Find shops specializing in stage makeup or a professional contact lens store if possible. These shops have a broad knowledge of costume lenses and serve people who may wear them all year round.

Street vendors and small sellers are not your go-to because many are only out to make some quick money during the Halloween season. Further, many of them know next to nothing about contact lenses and sell whatever they find cheaply.

Remember that reputable brands usually require a shop or online marketplace to have proper certifications to sell their products. Do you think the street sellers will be bothered getting quality-check certifications? No, they wouldn't, so what they sell are the ones that have not even passed FDA approval.

4. Learn and practice first.

If you already use Halloween contact lenses, skip this part. But for the rest who have never worn one before, do your homework first. Find a friend or an eye doctor and practice putting your lenses in and taking them out a few times.

Wearing your eye lenses is a relatively easy part. Trying to remove them for the first time when you are drunk and tired from a late-night party is like doing surgery. Sometimes, people get tired and give up, which makes for the next point.

5. Do not share contact lenses.

No, really. While it might seem like a fun idea to let your BFF try on these lenses to see if they go with her costume, it's not advisable. Sharing contact lenses is akin to sharing a toothbrush—it's unhygienic and has a high risk of bacterial transfer.

6. Throw them out after use.

Unless you consider wearing them again soon, throw them out. They are definitely not suitable for wearing after being stored for an entire year until the next Halloween.

7. Wear your lenses before your makeup.

This is a simple but easily overlooked tip: trying to wear contact lenses after putting on makeup can damage your makeup and almost inevitably result in getting mascara or eyeliner on the lenses, making for a very uncomfortable night.

Contact lenses are a medical device first and a fun cosmetic prop second. As long as you respect them as such, they can be a great way to finish off your costume!

The Bottom Line

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