How to Prep Your Colored Contact Lenses before Wearing

The thrill and excitement of receiving the red contact lenses order is out of this world. And understandably so! It’s quite a big deal for people who’ve never worn it. Plus, if you face difficulty with visibility, switching to contact lenses feels like real freedom from the burden. Bid goodbye to your glasses gracefully. 

However, you must know that there are certain measures you need to adopt. Especially if you’re a first-timer, this guide is exclusively for you. Understand what goes into prepping your colored contacts before wearing them.


Tips For Lens Preparation 

Regardless of whether you’ve received costume, natural, or prescription lenses, the method for prepping the contact lens remains the same. Contain your excitement about wearing the contacts right away. Instead, adopt the following measures before that. 

1. Check the lenses 

Either the contact lens will arrive packed in vials or blister packs. Before you rip it open, it’s strongly recommended to inspect it carefully. Doing so will allow you to return the red cosplay contact lenses if something’s wrong with them.  

Following are the criteria you should look for when the order arrives at your doorstep 

  • It matches the order confirmation 
  • It matches your prescription 
  • The lenses arrived all intact, undamaged, and without any visible abrasions. 
  • You received the expected design, style, and color. 

Contact the customer support team here if you encounter any of the issues mentioned above or have any concerns about wearing contacts. Before opening your contact lenses, please utilize the given checklist.

Verify that all of the properties, including Base Curve, Diameter, Power/Square, Cylinder, and Axis, match the prescription you are using. Standard diameter and base curvature are common features of non-prescription or Plano-colored contacts.

2. Soak or clean the lenses 

It is crucial to ensure that the red contact lenses have been soaked in a contact lens solution according to the box instructions before using them. Prior to insertion, lenses should always be soaked in contact lens solution for at least two hours.

Never make the mistake of wearing contacts straight out of the packaging. During packing, the lenses are flooded with saline fluid to preserve and sterilize them. If your eyes get in touch with this fluid, it might cause discomfort or a tingling sensation. 

When you soak the lenses, you are:

  • Balancing out the pH level and bringing it closer to the natural pH level of the eyes. 
  • Softening the lens material for better comfort. 
  • Striping off unwanted proteins or residue from the lens surface. 

Tips For The First Timers 

Now that we’ve explained how to prep the red cosplay contact lenses before wearing them, we’ve got some tips for the person wearing them as well. Following are the top tips that will help you during a brand-new experience. 

  1. Relax a little more

We understand that your mind must be boggling with a plethora of questions. Will they scratch? Will it get stuck in your eyes? Can you wear it while sleeping? While it’s common for these questions to keep you worried, it’s strongly advised for you to just relax. As you move towards prepping and wearing your contacts, everything will go smoothly. 

Most importantly, remember to keep the lenses immersed in the solution when you aren’t wearing them. 

  1. Always clean up

The only thing you should be anxious about is the possibility of bacteria and other contaminants entering your eyes. However, sticking to the cleaning schedule of your red contact lenses will mitigate the risk of any infection. 

Following are the ways to clean the lenses:

  • Saline solution: Salt water rinse to remove buildup prior to contact insertion. Never store your contacts in this solution because it differs from the contact solution. Your lenses won't be cleaned.
  • Contact solution: Contact solution is made for disinfecting the contacts and keeping them hydrated. Hence, people store them in the solution when not wearing them. 
  1. Stick to the doctor’s recommendations 

Your next move is to look for saline solution, eye drops, and contact solution after soaking up all the information mentioned above. However, before you hop onto a shopping spree, consult the optometrist. 

Some goods don't work at all for some contacts, while others work better for those red cosplay contact lenses. Products sold over the counter have labeling designed to entice purchase by all contact lens wearers. However, they are not universal. Before using any OTC products, make sure to see your optometrist. Request a list of suggested solutions and eye drops as well.


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