How to Apply Makeup When Wearing Contacts Lenses

Wearing contact lenses can be a game-changer for people with vision problems. Makeup lovers can relate how the contacts uplifts the look when used right. But applying makeup when wearing contacts can be tricky and mistakes can lead to discomfort and even eye infections. While buying contact lenses online, you can choose from

  • Prescription Contacts
  • Halloween Contacts
  • Hazel Contacts Lenses
  • Cosplay Contacts
  • Natural Contacts Lenses
  • Clearance Contacts

Start With Clean Hands And Lenses

Before wearing makeup wash your hands with soap and water to remove any germs or dirt. Position your eye contacts lenses and ensure they are clean and in the proper position. Avoid using oily or greasy makeup removers or moisturisers since they might adhere to the lenses and create blurred vision.

Choose Eye-Friendly Products

Not all makeup products are safe for contact lens wearers. For example, avoid using loose powder eyeshadows or eyeliners, which can flake or fall into your eyes and cause irritation. Opt for cream or gel eyeshadows and water-based or liquid eyeliners. They are less likely to smear the eyes. Choose fragrance-free and hypoallergenic products to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Apply Makeup Carefully

When applying makeup, be gentle and avoid pulling or tugging at your eyelids, which can dislodge your eye contacts lenses or irritate your eyes. Use a light touch and blend carefully to avoid touching them. Here are some tips for applying makeup when wearing contact lenses:

  • Apply eyeshadow sweepingly, starting at the lash line and blending upwards.
  • Use a felt-tip or liquid eyeliner. Less likely to flake or smudge and irritate your eyes.
  • Apply mascara sparingly and avoid clumping or applying too close to the roots of your lashes.
  • Avoid using fake lashes. It can cause discomfort or irritation to the eyes.

Remember to use a magnifying mirror to see what you're doing. Blink often to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

Remove Makeup Properly

Make sure to remove your makeup thoroughly before taking out your contacts. Use a gentle eye makeup remover and avoid rubbing or pulling at your eyelids, which can cause irritation or damage to your contacts. Then, clean and disinfect your lenses according to your optometrist's instructions.

Use Waterproof Mascara with Caution

Waterproof mascara can be a lifesaver on humid or rainy days, but it can also be challenging to remove and can stick to your lenses, causing discomfort or blurry vision. If you use waterproof mascara, apply it carefully and avoid rubbing your eyes. Also, use a gentle eye makeup remover specifically designed for waterproof makeup.

Pay Attention to the Expiration Date

Makeup products, especially eye makeup, can expire and become contaminated over time. Using expired makeup can lead to eye infections or irritations. Check the expiration date on your makeup products and discard any past their prime.

How to Order Lenses Online

Know Your Prescription

Before ordering contact lenses online, you must have a valid prescription from your eye doctor. Your prescription should include the brand, lens type, power, base curve, diameter, and expiration date. Make sure to double-check the information and ensure that it's accurate before placing your order.

Know When to Replace Your Lenses
  • Daily Disposable Lenses:

These lenses should be replaced daily, as they are not designed to be reused.

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lenses:

Depending on the specific type and brand, these lenses should be replaced every 1-2 weeks. Follow the recommended schedule provided by your eye doctor or the manufacturer.

  • Monthly Lenses:

Monthly contacts should be replaced every 30 days or as your eye doctor recommends. It's essential to clean and disinfect these lenses daily to prevent the buildup of bacteria and debris.

  • Extended-Wear Lenses:

Extended-wear lenses can be worn continuously for several days or weeks, depending on the specific type and brand. Follow the recommended schedule provided by your eye doctor or the manufacturer.

Compare Prices and Promotions

One of the benefits of ordering contact lenses online is that you can easily compare prices and promotions. Check multiple websites to find the best deal and take advantage of discounts or coupon codes.

Check Shipping And Return Policies

Read the shipping and return policies carefully before buying. Check the estimated delivery time, shipping fees and return policy in case you need to make a return or exchange. Check for secure payment options!

Follow Up With Your Eye Doctor

After ordering contact lenses online, following up with your eye doctor to ensure that it fits properly and your vision is clear is essential. Your eye doctor may recommend an additional check-up or adjustment if necessary.

Cosplay Contact Lenses In Makeup

Cosplay contact lenses can add an extra element of realism to your costume and help bring your character to life. However, applying them safely and correctly is important to avoid eye irritation or other complications.

Before applying cosplay contact lenses, you must ensure your hands are clean. It's also essential to use any makeup or special effects before inserting the lenses, to avoid smudging or damaging them.

The Bottom Line

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