Bad Contacts Lens Habits To Avoid For Healthy Eyes

The eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body. Hence, if you’re trying to accentuate it, make sure you do it correctly. Nowadays, it has become quite common for people to obtain color contacts prescription and buy multiple pairs of contacts matching the outfits. Unleash your creativity when it comes to leveling up your fashion statement. 

However, make sure you swear by certain preventive measures to ensure the overall well-being of your eyes. Below mentioned are the most commonly followed bad habits of contacts wearer that have to stop now. 

Problem Area 

The only place in the human body that’s devoid of oxygen from the blood vessels in the cornea. Instead, it derives it from the air. So, when you wear contact lenses, it somewhat obstructs the passage of oxygen to the eyes partially, if not completely. It’s completely fine unless you keep your eyes closed for a considerable amount of time. That’s when things start going south. 

When you drift off to sleep, the layers between your lens & eyelid suffer a lack of oxygen. On the lack of optimum oxygen supply, little bumps or swellings appear on the corner under magnification. If this continues for a longer period, the eyes will be prone to corneal ulcers and infection. 

Below are the bad habits one should avoid preventing any kind of eye infections and ulcers. 

  1. Sleeping with contact lenses 

Do you have a color contacts prescription that the lenses are suitable for overnight use? If so, then there’s no problem wearing it throughout the night. Since most lenses aren’t ideal for sleeping in, so avoid wearing the lenses & going to sleep if the lenses aren’t specially designed. The lens will obstruct air from passing through, which will lead to eye infections, corneal ulcers, dryness, and, ultimately, blindness. 

  1. Water is a big no

There’s a general rule for avoiding the three S’s when wearing contact lenses- Don’t sleep, shower, or swim having lenses on! So far, we’ve already discussed sleep. Speaking of the rest two, swimming and showering, it’s advised to avoid it while wearing contact because water might carry pollutants or pathogens that will induce infections. So, make sure you don’t get anything inside your eyes. 

Swimming comes with its own set of challenges. Hot tubs, pools, or lakes might be the host of microbes and bacteria that can cause severe infections like acanthamoeba keratitis. 

  1. Buying contacts without a prescription

The only danger associated with buying contact lenses without a prescription is that they might need to fit your eyes correctly. This might not project as a serious problem to you, but it’s equally capable of causing severe eye infections like other factors mentioned above. So, contain your excitement about buying contact lenses and obtain a color contacts prescription first. In this way, you’ll buy lenses with appropriate fittings and types. 

  1. Not cleaning lens case 

Whether the contact lenses are used regularly, the contact lens case accumulates protein & bacteria over time. Eventually, it contaminates the contact lenses stored inside. So, don’t forget to thoroughly rub the case with cleaning solutions and wipe off all the impurities and dirt. 

  1. Wear lenses on dry eyes

Dry will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also rip off the surface of the eyes. The dry corneas become more vulnerable to infections as they’ve lost its protective shield. Over a prolonged period of use, the dry eyes will start developing abnormalities, such as corneal vascularisation, and/or corneal decomposition. 

Adding to that, you should also keep in mind not to share your colored contact lenses with friends or groups of friends. Being an unhygienic practice, the exchange of contact lenses will only give rise to cross-infections. 


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